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Tiger Moth

[This story was originally published in The Chaffey Review in May of 2009.  It is reprinted here with minimal editorial changes.] Tiger Moth by Raul Clement For a long time after the boy’s death, the father sat in the darkened … Continue reading

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Andreas Economakis

The Black Scorpion by Andreas Economakis The procession snaked through the village’s narrow streets. Up front, four men carried the flower-decorated icon of the Virgin Mary. The town folk followed, lit candles sheltered in cupped hands, religious songs competing with … Continue reading

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POETRY by Aaron Zeitlin Translated by Jon Levitow (2009) Go become yourself the words, Yourself the essence. – Angelus Silesius Poems should be like Elijahs entering the homes of wretched brothers. I wait for poems that turn into poets, I … Continue reading

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NATURAL LAW by BABETTE DEUTSCH If you press a stone with your finger, Sir Isaac Newton observed, The finger is also Pressed by the stone. But can a woman, pressed by memory’s finger, In the deep night, alone, Of her … Continue reading

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Felipe Alfau 1902-1999

    Felipe Alfau was Spanish-American writer who spent most of his long life in New York City. While not a prolific writer, he was one who was far ahead of his time, employing authorial techniques that would later be “discovered” … Continue reading

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The book of things that I have forgotten contains most of my life. But then, what would we do without forgetfulness? I feel like there is hardly room for everything I do recall. Sven Birkerts, my sky blue trades It … Continue reading

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On This Earth What Makes Life Worth Living

By Mahmoud Darwish Translated by Karim Abuawad On this earth what makes life worth living: the hesitance of April the scent of bread at dawn an amulet made by a woman for men Aeschylus’s works the beginnings of love moss … Continue reading

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