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Tiger Moth

[This story was originally published in The Chaffey Review in May of 2009.  It is reprinted here with minimal editorial changes.] Tiger Moth by Raul Clement For a long time after the boy’s death, the father sat in the darkened … Continue reading

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Andreas Economakis

The Black Scorpion by Andreas Economakis The procession snaked through the village’s narrow streets. Up front, four men carried the flower-decorated icon of the Virgin Mary. The town folk followed, lit candles sheltered in cupped hands, religious songs competing with … Continue reading

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POETRY by Aaron Zeitlin Translated by Jon Levitow (2009) Go become yourself the words, Yourself the essence. – Angelus Silesius Poems should be like Elijahs entering the homes of wretched brothers. I wait for poems that turn into poets, I … Continue reading

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NATURAL LAW by BABETTE DEUTSCH If you press a stone with your finger, Sir Isaac Newton observed, The finger is also Pressed by the stone. But can a woman, pressed by memory’s finger, In the deep night, alone, Of her … Continue reading

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Felipe Alfau 1902-1999

    Felipe Alfau was Spanish-American writer who spent most of his long life in New York City. While not a prolific writer, he was one who was far ahead of his time, employing authorial techniques that would later be “discovered” … Continue reading

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The book of things that I have forgotten contains most of my life. But then, what would we do without forgetfulness? I feel like there is hardly room for everything I do recall. Sven Birkerts, my sky blue trades It … Continue reading

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On This Earth What Makes Life Worth Living

By Mahmoud Darwish Translated by Karim Abuawad On this earth what makes life worth living: the hesitance of April the scent of bread at dawn an amulet made by a woman for men Aeschylus’s works the beginnings of love moss … Continue reading

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Loving the Cyborg and the Mushroom

Two things:  Terence Mckenna’s insistence on the human desire to “shed the monkey body”  always scared me and then paradoxically  the cybernetically enhanced Borg of  Star Trek always seemed rather sexy. Early one morning as I trawled fakecrack I found … Continue reading

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The Coming Crisis of Global Food: High Costs, High Fats, and the Age of Globesity

By Liam Hysjulien I’d like to begin today’s essay by venturing forth into the not-so-distant future and mulling over this prediction:  by 2050, the global population could surpass 9 billion people.  As it currently stands, the world’s population is sitting … Continue reading

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TO EVERYTHING THERE IS A SEASON / EXCERPT FROM KOHELET/ECCLESIASTES by King Solomon To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a … Continue reading

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