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from HINTERLAND + HEX By Emmalea Russo barefoot + hovering above false dandelion like a mother say: women in your family are witches the garden is winter-still at lunchtime          i fill the hours with something like hiding          make order from what … Continue reading

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Muted by Vilaska Nguyen

     The room went dark and Natalie slowly intoned, “Happy birthday.”  Others joined the singing with a collective reluctance.  Their words were barely audible.  Five flickering candles floated to a standstill on the dining table.  The song finished and Natalie … Continue reading

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Is More Health Care Better?

Is More Health Care Better? Money and Medicine By John Unger Zussman I never envisioned our life together to be possibly shortened. We were looking at cruising off into the sunset and we’re still actively raising children! And here you … Continue reading

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THE STREETS MAY TURN TO PAPER SUDDENLY By Kat Dixon I am neither shadow nor wife. I have no hand for painting flowers nor how they fill any room or bedspread or plate of meats for guests who come to … Continue reading

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Wolf-Sense Sonnet

Wolf-Sense Sonnet by Okla Elliott   I will walk you through the desert, all wolf- wolf and blood-sandy paws. O smooth rapture of elegant neck—O underwear hanging on comic cactus—water-plant, prick-plant of need. I will lead you through strange danger, … Continue reading

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ELEGY WITH NO ONE SPEAKING By Justin Belote Now that all the wasps are gone and the hive is a silent town, I can sleep out under this elm again. * I would like to explain how a house someone … Continue reading

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Andreas Economakis

To A Deaf Person From A Blind Person I thought I needed to gesticulate loudly confusing my blindness with your deafness no matter how much I danced my suggestions fell on deaf eyes blind ears so I decided I’d sleep … Continue reading

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