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Sunday Literary Series Presents: Sofia Starnes

. ONE BODY by Sofia Starnes The earth is our great mother and the stones Within earth’s body surely are the bones The oracle intends. (Metamorphoses: Ovid. Trans. A. D. Melville) Let us suppose for once, in our intimate illusion, … Continue reading

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HIGH WINDOWS by Philip Larkin When I see a couple of kids And guess he’s fucking her and she’s Taking pills or wearing a diaphragm, I know this is paradise Everyone old has dreamed of all their lives— Bonds and … Continue reading

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New York Times photograph of then-Senator Obama campaigning in Austin, Texas in early 2007 by Scout Tufankjian. ANALYZING THE OBAMA PSYCHE by Paul Hogarth The past three months have been really depressing – as the Obama White House has done … Continue reading

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Jack Stuppin, Mt. Tamalpais, oil on canvas, 2009. EBULLIENT INHABITIONS: JACK STUPPIN’S EXHILARATING LANDSCAPES by Mark Van Proyen “In landskip, inanimates are principal: ’tis the earth, the water, the stones, and rocks which live. All other life becomes subordinate.” An … Continue reading

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WANDERING WITH ROBERT WALSER by Carl Seelig 3 January 1937 Wandering by way of St. Gallen and Speicher to Trogen, which is familiar to me from my school days. Lunch at the Hotel Schäfli. To honor my mother’s ancestors, who … Continue reading

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A Movie That’s “About Something,” or Why “Creation” Isn’t a Great Movie, But You Should See It Anyway

A Movie That’s “About Something,” or Why “Creation” Isn’t a Great Movie, But You Should See It Anyway By John Unger Zussman I was ambivalent about “Creation” even before I saw it. On the one hand, we desperately needed a … Continue reading

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I-5, GOLDEN STATE GULAG by Matthew Hirsch In 1962, a literary magazine in the Soviet Union printed One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s debut novel about an ordinary man who’d been swept to the margins of … Continue reading

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Richard Gere in American Gigolo, 1980 DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL: PHALLOCENTRIC ECONOMICS, TRIANGULAR TRADE & OTHER SHADY BUSINESS by Mishana Hosseinioun “All economic organization is homosexual.” — Luce Irigaray Paul Schrader’s erotic thriller, American Gigolo (1980) does much more than simply … Continue reading

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Photograph of Dorianne Laux by Ron Salisbury, from the back cover of her first book “Awake” published by BOA Editions, Ltd, 1990. QUARTER TO SIX and the house swept with the colors of dusk, I set the table with plates … Continue reading

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Sunday Literary Series: Raul Clement

 Overpass photograph by David Friedman. Exit Ramp Cowboys and Overpass Indians by Raul Clement When I went to Billy’s trailer, his Dad was in the living room watching some game show on TV. It wasn’t really a living room, … Continue reading

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