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Open-Air Cinema in Heliopolis

Open-Air Cinema in Heliopolis by Hedy Habra You used to say, mother: “Let me see your face when lit by a crescent moon: every day of the month will smile the way you do.” We saw double-feature movies in open-air … Continue reading

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Tilting Toward Winter

Tilting Toward Winter by Okla Elliott The air is gray and quiet as the sea’s wet-dying warmth. A blackbird screams out from memory and, pleased with its sour chirping, keeps at it undeterred by the browning season. I have everything … Continue reading

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Ten-Year Stare

Ten-Year Stare by Steve Mitchell It was a look I seen and I seen it true. Then I forgot it til I seen it again then I remembered it. All of it. Every minute in the between and that one … Continue reading

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By Jehanne Dubrow: EROS AND PSYCHE Sculpture by Antonio Canova, 1787 (Today’s poem originally appeared in AGNI Online and appears here today with permission from the poet.) Jehanne Dubrow is the author of four poetry collections, including most recently Red … Continue reading

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Her Body Desires the Instrument

Her Body Desires the Instrument by Clare L. Martin She elongates herself; presses the instrument against her body, as in the dream that comes to her and comes to her— The old guitar crumbles. Strings fall in tonal disarray. The … Continue reading

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Sex In Siberia

Sex In Siberia by Meg Pokrass My imaginary man lives in Siberia. We touch down on each other like  helicopters. I smile, move my mouth around him—offer a warming hut, a place to explode.  When he bursts, storm clouds open. … Continue reading

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Okay but Seriously, Stop Blaming the Victim

Okay but Seriously, Stop Blaming the Victim by Kirsten Clodfelter As a feminist, I admire Hanna Rosin. I enjoy the important work she’s done in co-founding DoubleX, and I regularly teach excerpts of her essay, “The End of Men,” to … Continue reading

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GOOD GIRL By Jeanann Verlee Every morning I sit at the kitchen table over a tall glass of water swallowing pills. (So my hands won’t shake.) (So my heart won’t race.) (So my face won’t thaw.) (So my blood won’t … Continue reading

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KITSCH WITH RUPTURED RHYTHMS AND PRESENT TENSES By Jackson Holbert Perfection, of any kind, is not what we are after, And the poetry we invented hasn’t been invented yet; We know human folly like the backs of our hands, And, … Continue reading

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THE ALL BLACK PENGUIN SPEAKS By Roger Bonair-Agard Courtesy of UrbanaPoetrySlam’s youtube channel. Editor’s Note: I had the pleasure of seeing Roger Bonair-Agard read at a recent poetry salon, and I was blown away. This man is an incredibly talented … Continue reading

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