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Small Press Review Series: On Style, or the Natural Lack Thereof As its Own Kind of Style, in Danila Botha’s Got No Secrets

Got No Secrets Danila Botha Tightrope Books (2010), 141 pages, $18.95 Some writers are comfortable in a style the way that certain people are comfortable in their clothes. This is not to say that the chosen style is superior; rather, … Continue reading

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Guest Op-Ed Piece

The United States Needs a Trade Policy by William Trent Pancoast The Roman Empire fell because it had too many slaves and not enough taxpayers (so goes one explanation of the Fall). Isn’t the United States in a similar situation? … Continue reading

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TRANSMISSION By Anthony Seidman A jungle, a small jungle, the size of a hummingbird-heart or crab-nebula witnessed through an Arizona telescope the girth of a blue whale’s lungs; a jungle only I can hear: its rustle of fronds, ant mandibles … Continue reading

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WHAT IS IN FRONT OF US by ANDREW WESSELS i moved::the road is dry and crusty the rains come in the spring and the birds the leaves let go this hand the burning::a seat five feet from your right next … Continue reading

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Andreas Economakis

A Strange Omen by Andreas Economakis I click the light on.  The metal-caged light bulb sputters to life, scattering velvety brown moths into the musty darkness of the cement basement.  The smell of petrol, rot, old magazines and damp dirt … Continue reading

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ON A HILLTOP AT THE NASSAR FARM, OVERLOOKING THE SETTLEMENT OF NEVE DANIEL By Elana Bell This is for Amal, whose name means hope, who thinks of each tree she’s planted like a child, whose family has lived in the … Continue reading

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MOSQUITOES By Martin Camps Mosquitoes do not die of hunger. There is always a leg for them an arm or a deaf ear to their hungry voice. You will never see the aged corpse of a gnat. They only know … Continue reading

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Pas de Deux on the High Wire

For Chelsea and Maz, whose wedding last weekend prompted me to dust this off. And for Patti. Pas de Deux on the High Wire by John Unger Zussman One Saturday, in our twenties, We put up the tightrope. Eyed it … Continue reading

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LAST QUARTET By Judith Newton In the end, you would no longer hear your music— you, whose rooms had been alive with it, whose life was Late Quartet. I think of you and I remember Beethoven in a Berkeley house, … Continue reading

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