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TWO SOULS By the Baal Shem Tov From every human being there rises a light that reaches straight to heaven. And when two souls that are destined to be together find each other, their streams of light flow together, and … Continue reading

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Three Poems by Karen Carissimo

Quarantine Kahului, Maui, 1900 At the edge of an island, shore shave to bedrock, bulwarked by tide, sweat clouded our eyes, our bodies disguised in the markings of plague. Gauze of darkened fog uncurled a taste of sweet rot from … Continue reading

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MANUELA In the bleak hours of an afternoon in Spain, I sprung free from my grandpa’s kitchen, the smells of peppermints and pears, and headed to town for an afternoon of people watching. The streets were hand-cut paper forests, flush … Continue reading

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Constitutionality of Recent SCOTUS Decisions — DOMA and Voting Rights

Constitutionality of Recent SCOTUS Decisions — DOMA and Voting Rights by Matthew Nelson The Supreme Court has been getting a lot of attention lately. With the deluge of end-of-term decisions over, it seems everyone is taking turns surveying the damage. But … Continue reading

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THE PINK CHANEL SUIT By Amanda Auchter                                                  She said           don’t wash it, when asked                    if she wanted to change, to take off                                                  the wool skirt, the blue                    lined jacket. I want them to see,           she said. Kid gloves, a blood … Continue reading

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I Dreamt I Was an Alligator

I Dreamt I Was an Alligator by Jessica Dawson all teeth and hot, wet breath stomping about on my new-found squatness. My body was torpid, outward elbows moving skyscrapers, that scene in a nightmare where the director Slows. Everything. Down. … Continue reading

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Masculinity, Reading, and Twilight

Masculinity, Reading, and Twilight by Dennis Wilson Wise The long national nightmare is finally over—or, if “nightmare” is too strong a word, then at least the really bad national daydream.  The final Twilight movie has been released.  Audiences horrified at … Continue reading

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Photo by Matt Phillips AGAINST ORDER By Lynne Knight Tear the line into pieces.                                                                                                     Open it out:                           Let silence be                                                        part of all that must be said. I can’t.                                                                                   I can’t. It looks so disorganized. I want to move it like … Continue reading

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Del sitio donde partir: Lecturas paralelas

Del sitio donde partir: Lecturas paralelas por Pat Moggio Acerca de mi costumbre de leer varios libros simultáneamente, consigo dos en el mismo período de tiempo y los leo en forma alternada hasta finalizarlos en lo posible en la misma … Continue reading

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