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AFTER By Kat White After I die, let it be said that my pussy tasted of children’s unspoiled dreams. May eunuchs charcoal sketch me and Miles smoking brown cigarettes and drunk-swaying, broadcast all night, all over Barcelona TV. After I … Continue reading

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The Revolution Will Be Edible: Occupy Wall Street; the Arab Spring, No Bread, No Peace

By Liam Hysjulien “let’s get together and get some land raise our food like the man save our money like the mob put up the fight, own the job”                         –James Brown Last February, World Bank President Robert Zoellick noted … Continue reading

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ANIMAL LIFE By Howie Good 1 I didn’t find what I expected, musk or ostrich plumes or ivory, only a room in a forlorn mansion where I paced and muttered through curiously long nights, caravans of the lost forming beneath … Continue reading

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GOAT IN THE SNOW By Emily Pettit A goat is not a sheep, though I know people who have made this mistake not meaning to be flippant. This is not how to start a fire with sticks. I do not … Continue reading

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Normalized by Zack O’Neill I. Waccamaw Brookgreen Gardens is situated on the Waccamaw River, a slow-moving blackwater river passable only in shallow-draft watercraft. The river gets its name from a little-known Native American tribe that still exists today, albeit in … Continue reading

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The Mickey Rourke Saga

The Mickey Rourke Saga  by Jennifer Spiegel —For Ian Jackman   This is all true, though it happened over a decade ago, a couple years after Nine Inch Nails came out with Pretty Hate Machine.  I was thinking, “Yes, I … Continue reading

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Franki Elliot

Miss in Polish by Franki Elliot My grandma can’t tell you my name but she knows I live in Chicago. She knows I have a brother, and he lives in Chicago too. She adjusts her hospital gown and says, “You … Continue reading

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Andreas Economakis

“Ela Re Malaka” by Andreas Economakis   I awake suddenly from a deep and catatonic sleep. In a dream that quickly flutters away, I am pinned underneath a bulky red Lancia, desperately trying to lift it off of me. At … Continue reading

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Andrew Schoultz and Paul Klee at SFMOMA

Partial installation of Images in Dialogue: Andrew Schoultz and Paul Klee. Flickr photograph by My Love For You. ANDREW SCHOULTZ AND PAUL KLEE AT SFMOMA by Matt Gonzalez Today closes an important exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern … Continue reading

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