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Minima Moralia, No. 104

MINIMA MORALIA: Reflections from the damaged life. By THEODOR ADORNO PART THREE: 1946-1947. Aphorism #104: Golden Gate. Translated by Dennis Redmond 104 Golden Gate [in English]. – What dawns on those who are embarrassed or spurned, illuminates as harshly as … Continue reading

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Photo by Joshua Band. BURRS by Nathan Wisman Your one, your only, that grinning face. For you, the cold dew smears his arms. The thickets of shivering weeds part around his determined body. Strips of cloudy sky traversed again and … Continue reading

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“What You Ought To Know”

The Coming Crisis of Future Food Prices:  “No End In Sight” By Liam Hysjulien In a new series, As It Ought To Be will be providing semimonthly updates on different topics ranging from literature to food policies. A recent study … Continue reading

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Andreas Economakis

The P-Spot by Andreas Economakis When I was a young boy I was fascinated by the Dictator of Greece and his cadre of austere military men. What I think impressed me the most was the Dictator’s black bulletproof limousine and … Continue reading

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ADVENT: TRANSFORM TIME AS A LITTLE GIRL by TA NOONAN I’m some sweet lolita this morning —or maybe my thighs just squeezed these floral sheets to lace— with hips so thick, you could shave eight layers before hitting bone. * … Continue reading

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Come, let us go down, and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech: On Learning Hebrew in Israel

by Letitia Trent As our plane arrived in Israel’s airspace, I listened to Pimsleur’s Hebrew lessons on my headphones, which go over the same phrases in half-hours of repetition, the accent-less audio-guide voice followed by the native speakers, who respond … Continue reading

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Conquest Abroad and Repression at Home By Christopher Carrico “Civilization originates” Stanley Diamond tells us, “with conquest abroad and repression at home.”  Diamond himself had seen both firsthand.  Stanley was a WWII veteran who served in North Africa, and, … Continue reading

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