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Existential Echoes: Toward a Genealogy of Ideas in Albert Camus’s “The Myth of Sisyphus”

  Existential Echoes: Toward a Genealogy of Ideas in Albert Camus’s “The Myth of Sisyphus” by Okla Elliott In the decades since their deaths, much has been made about the rivalry between Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus, but it would … Continue reading

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My Presidential Endorsement Strategy: Barack Obama, Ron Paul, and the Green Party

My Presidential Endorsement Strategy by Okla Elliott I have an odd dual endorsement this year for President. I am endorsing both Barack Obama and Ron Paul. Wait a minute, you might be saying, how can you endorse two candidates for … Continue reading

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Editor’s Note: This, my beloved weekly poetry series, and I, your faithful editor, are currently on bereavement leave. We shall commune again through poetry on the other side.

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INVENTORY By Richard Hoffman What I have given to sorrow, though I have poured out all I am again and again, does not amount to much. One winter’s snows. Two loves I could not welcome. A year of mostly silence. … Continue reading

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War Dead

War Dead by William Trent Pancoast [an excerpt from the novel Wildcat] Milt Jeffers and the gang roamed through the shop hitting E-stops, shouting, and motioning for the men to leave the factory. There was no persuasion needed, although some … Continue reading

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The Itch

The Itch by Miriam N. Kotzin On certain summer afternoons when shadows stretch across the lawn and deer come out—five doe, one fawn— a distant wood thrush pipes his tunes. The deer have come to graze on grass and eat … Continue reading

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SLOWLY By Bobbi Lurie (Today’s poem originally appeared in The Medulla Review and appears here today with permission from the poet.) Bobbi Lurie is the author of three poetry collections: Grief Suite, The Book I Never Read, and Letter from … Continue reading

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