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AFTERLIFE By Joan Larkin I’m older than my father when he turned bright gold and left his body with its used-up liver in the Faulkner Hospital, Jamaica Plain. I don’t believe in the afterlife, don’t know where he is now … Continue reading

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Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre

Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre loom over twentieth-century thought. It is hard to imagine feminism, leftist politics, literature, philosophy, or queer studies in the twentieth century without these two giants. Their work has been the topic for hundreds of … Continue reading

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By Hannah Fries: BUT SEE how an orchid is made to look like sex, or             specifically, like the tachinid fly                         who has landed on a leaf to flash             her private parts in the sun, opening and closing so the light … Continue reading

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A Crisis in Bahrain

  Leave it to the people to make the news and try to spread it. When it’s left to the big newsmakers, the news is nothing more than a short report about the “situation” somewhere. The world paid attention to … Continue reading

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From the Same Source as Her Power: A Threnody for Adrienne Rich

From the Same Source as Her Power: A Threnody for Adrienne Rich by Chase Dimock How do we account for and preserve a writer’s power after she dies? At the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, any researcher who wants to access … Continue reading

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“Birth” by Ryan Zweng. THE DEATH OF POP by Ryan Zweng The world is ending, or at least the Old World is.  Let’s assume that history will paint this epoch as a crucial moment in social formation; a time when … Continue reading

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REMEMBERING By Susanna Lang              What has kept the world safe . . . [has] been memory.                                                                                    — John Hersey But we forget, don’t we? Not what happened, but the thickness of it. The rough edges of the table on the … Continue reading

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