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BLACKOUT By Andrea Sherwood I lived a year in a small black box under a barbershop some nights not even an inch of moonshine would sit on the windowsill the room                                    purgatory with no objects no thing save the thick dark … Continue reading

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Modernist Hay Making

. Modernist Hay Making By Tim Peeler . . About the Author:  A past winner of the Jim Harrison Award for contributions to baseball literature, Tim Peeler has also twice been a Casey Award Finalist (baseball book of the year) and a finalist … Continue reading

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. Relics By David Chorlton . Relics The empty habit of a priest appears between Heaven and Earth with the cross on a string of beads still flowering on the breast. His sandals, alight with needles, rest on the incline … Continue reading

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Two Poems: Neon Boneyard and Disobedience

. Two Poems: Neon Boneyard and Disobedience By Ruth Bavetta   Neon Boneyard The desert ends in a pit of light, streets cacophonous in their escape from dark. They’ve pried the gas from its place in the Periodic Table, stroked … Continue reading

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O’Brien’s Tower

  . O’Brien’s Tower By Stephen Roger Powers   O’Brien’s Tower If you stand on the beach in Montauk and launch miniature ships from your eyes— indulge in breaking miniature champagne bottles across their bows first—the line of ships will, … Continue reading

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Capitol Island

  Capitol Island By Robert Boucheron   For the annual First Year Building Project at the Yale School of Architecture, students design and construct a small building, often a wood frame house in New Haven. Unique at American schools, the … Continue reading

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Punk Rock at 45

. Punk Rock at 45 By John Dorsey   Punk Rock at 45 when i look at your life now i think nancy spungen got off easy breast cancer at 45 you have be a fighter to sleep in the … Continue reading

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  Grace By Mike James   Grace Before she chose her one new name, she trembled through a dozen baby books. Walked through library stacks and touched every Anna and Sylvia, all the Marianne’s, Eileen’s, and Audre’s. Said each in … Continue reading

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