“Fantomas” (1915) by Juan Gris


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3 Responses to Contact/Submit

  1. Nick McKechnie says:

    I find myself growing increasingly frustrated with this perpetual cycle of violent rhetoric that we find ourselves in during this sad times. Thus in light of these recent attacks in Paris and with your permission I would very much like to share this poem I wrote with you and your friends. With sincere gratitude, Nick.

  2. Joy G-Friedler says:

    Just read Janet Kircheimer here. Love it. And, coincidentally I posted on FB recently a photo of Best American Poetry while at the beach on a rainy day – and Kircheimer’s work is in that too! Check out my FB page to see the photo. Love those convergences. Joy

  3. tom smith says:

    Hello again guys,

    I have found this link to a video of an ex-soldier singing his pain.
    A send off ?
    I don’t know about you but this one got me.
    Im sure other ex-serving soldiers will relate.

    keep up the amazing work 🙂
    peace always

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