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To Turn with Joy and Hope: A Conversation Between Okla Elliott and Sonya Huber

  SH: So, Okla, you recently wrote Bernie Sanders: The Essential Guide, and are now working on a similar short book for Squint Books on Pope Francis. In the Bernie book, you manage to work in cool departures into sci-fi … Continue reading

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LILY-BELL AND THISTLEDOWN SONG By Louisa May Alcott Awake! Awake! for the earliest gleam 
 Of golden sunlight shines 
 On the rippling waves, that brightly flow 
 Beneath the flowering vines. 
 Awake! Awake! for the low, sweet chant … Continue reading

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High School Poetry Series: Gender, Identity, & Race – Anaika Falcon & Meisha White

A note from Series Editor Sarah Marcus: Born from a powerful in-class discussion we had about gender, race, and the role of masculinity in rape culture, these poems are an analysis of gendered personal experience and a study of our intersectionality. This poetry … Continue reading

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Fred Muratori: Three Poems

ALTERNATE READING Not words on the page but pointing into, perpendicular homing in honed edges of their first letters glimpsed as fishtails schooling off a Döppler-like gradation into unintended else submersion just below the page I call and say come … Continue reading

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CO-SLEEPING By Kelly Hansen Maher Accepting the rise and fall of boxcars heaving across the city, our industrial neighborhood. Old neighborhood, in which immigrants, studying for citizenship exams, named the streets in the order of the presidents. Trains make their … Continue reading

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Editor’s Note: In honor of Mother’s Day, I have gathered together some of my favorite poems that I’ve featured on this series over the years that consider motherhood from a plethora of perspectives, for motherhood is such a multi-faceted experience. … Continue reading

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The New Era of Engaged Literature

The New Era of Engaged Literature by  Okla Elliott When I was fourteen years old, I naively and ignorantly and perhaps over-seriously declared myself a Marxist. It was around this time that I also began considering myself a writer, though … Continue reading

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