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The New Era of Engaged Literature

The New Era of Engaged Literature by  Okla Elliott When I was fourteen years old, I naively and ignorantly and perhaps over-seriously declared myself a Marxist. It was around this time that I also began considering myself a writer, though … Continue reading

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A Review of Lena Divani’s Seven Lives and One Great Love: Memoirs of a Cat

A Review of Lena Divani’s Seven Lives and One Great Love: Memoirs of a Cat Translated from the Greek by Konstantinos Matsoukas By Jennifer Dane Clements Forget, for a moment, the ubiquitous internet cats. Put aside the grumpy one, the … Continue reading

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SPEECH-GRILLE by PAUL CELAN Eye-orb between the bars. Ciliary lid rows upwards, releases a gaze. Iris, swimmer, dreamless and dim: the sky, heart-gray, must be near. Skew, in the iron socket, the smoldering splinter. By the sense of light you … Continue reading

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[The following translation was originally published in Per Contra.] Erlking by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (translation by Okla Elliott) Who rides so late through windy night? A father holding his child tight. He has the youngster well in his arm, … Continue reading

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An Uneasy Revelry: a review of Before Saying Any of the Great Words

An Uneasy Revelry by Okla Elliott “Unease in the ochre-filled skies, unease in the silky /labyrinth of the gut, unease / in the artist’s double, triple nibs” —David Huerta, “Song of Unease” Since many American readers may not be familiar … Continue reading

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“The Inevitable Waits” by Friedrich Dürrenmatt

THE INEVITABLE WAITS (translated by Daniele Pantano) The inevitable waits It’s not coming. You are You are the mouse. So Don’t be a hero When for the fearless Even the avoidable Is unavoidable Fear. Stay human What belongs to you, … Continue reading

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Toward a Coherent Vision of the 20th Century—Or, Why Jorge Volpi Is My New Favorite Novelist

Season of Ash by Jorge Volpi (translated by Alfred MacAdam) Open Letter / University of Rochester Press ISBN: 978-1-934824-10-8 Jorge Volpi’s Season of Ash is the kind of novel that reminds me why I read novels in the first place, … Continue reading

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