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IT’S NOT SO MUCH HIS KISS I RECALL AS HIS VOICE By Regie Cabico A shy pebble rippling water. Each phrase a school of startled ginger fish shimmering through the telephone line. I’d like to invite you to my place … Continue reading

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The Woman In The Photograph

What is not conscious, comes to us from outside ourselves, as if by chance. –– CARL JUNG   THE WOMAN IN THE PHOTOGRAPH Chapter One THE WALL by Mani Feniger      As a crowd of 20,000 of his countrymen implored … Continue reading

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Saint Turing: A Few Reflections on Gay Iconography and Martyrdom on the Occasion of Alan Turing’s 100th Birthday

Saint Turing: A Few Reflections on Gay Iconography and Martyrdom on the Occasion of Alan Turing’s 100th Birthday By Chase Dimock This weekend marks the 100th anniversary of British mathematician Alan Turing’s birth. In celebration of his enormous contributions to … Continue reading

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ANTHEM By Kirun Kapur Love begins in a country Where oranges weep sweeter And men piss in the street; Your hands are forever Binding dark strands In a plait. Your mother’s Childhood friend has steeped your skin In coconut oil, … Continue reading

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HOTEL ORPHEUS By Jason Myers Rain, Eurydice, more rain. It seems these mountains are married to cold, damp clouds. I’ve known no sun here, where you are not. I sit by this window and peel the skin from a pear. … Continue reading

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Albert Herter

    Magic and the Link Compliment of the Borromean Rings in America by Albert Herter A salvo The Lacanian want-to-be-analyst in America is not unlike John the Baptist who when asked to identify himself said ‘I am the voice … Continue reading

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Andreas Economakis

   THE LETTER B when you find yourself avoiding the letter b in your address book when your heart feels a foot deep in heavy liquid you catch yourself  alone on the couch unable to move on though its been 2 … Continue reading

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Elias Khoury’s Little Mountain

By Karim Abuawad Written by the Lebanese man of letters Elias Khoury, Little Mountain (al-jabal al-saghir 1977) is a novel set during the early phase of the Lebanese Civil War, a war that lasted from 1975 to 1990. Paradoxically, the … Continue reading

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STUDY FOR LOVE’S BODY By Katherine Larson I. Landscape with Yellow Birds The theories of Love have become tremulous and complicated. The way snow falls or Saturn revolves repeatedly around some distance where space is nothing yet still something that … Continue reading

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Button by Maggie Smith It’s the 50s. You wear your dark Levis cuffed up six inches. You have a cowlick. There is a birthday party you won’t attend after a bad haircut. Your mother says, Button, it’s not the end … Continue reading

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