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“The Arizona Way or the American Way?” by Mark Budman

Since I am a legal immigrant myself, I might understandably react to Arizona’s new law on immigration even more strongly than a native might. Though I am not a Latino, this issue of potential tough enforcement affects every immigrant group … Continue reading

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INSOMNIA AS TRANSFIGURATION by Oliver de la Paz Because the night is a scattering of sounds—blunt branches hurtling to the ground, a nest stir, a sigh from someone beside me. Because I am awake and know that I am not … Continue reading

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The Coming Crisis of Op-Ed Food: Plenty of Plenty in the New Food Plutocracy

By Liam Hysjulien [This piece was originally published in Truthout.] As food prices, both in this country and abroad, continue their steady ascent, the amount we should pay for food remains a contested issue. In a February 21, 2011, Huffington … Continue reading

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Gary Johnson: Pro and Con

Before I was a leftist, I was a libertarian. I voted for the Libertarian Party presidential nominee in my first three U.S. general elections—1988, 1992, and 1996—and in 2000, I voted for George W. Bush, one of only 18 people … Continue reading

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By Ocean Vuong: TO LOVE WELL is to place a hand   on another’s chest and know   that the heart only beats   when locked in a cage   of bone. DEPARTURE Dawn cracks: a lightning bolt carving slowly through the clouds. All … Continue reading

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YOUR INVITATION TO A MODEST BREAKFAST by HANNAH GAMBLE It’s too cold to smoke outside, but if you come over, I’ll keep my hands to myself, or won’t I. I would like to tell you about the wall eaten up … Continue reading

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Rites of Passage

I’ve been asked to explain a bit about the personal essays I often contribute to this blog. I wrote most of them for the popular “Readers Write” feature in my favorite literary magazine, The Sun. Each month they propose a … Continue reading

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