Announcing the New As It Ought To Be Magazine

We are excited to announce that on Monday, As It Ought To Be will be moving to a new site with a new name: As It Ought To Be Magazine ( But don’t worry, all the old content and features of the classic As It Ought To Be will move over to the new site. It’s still under construction, but feel free to check out our work in progress.

The reason for this change is because after the unexpected passing of our previous Managing Editor, Okla Elliott, the rights to our domain name have been in limbo. The address was registered in his name, and due to some strict rules on domain renewals and transfers, we will have to let the domain expire. His sudden passing left us and his friends without vital information needed to keep the domain. We believe that migrating to a new site is the best way to preserve Okla’s vision and the legacy of As It Ought To Be as we guide it into the future.

As for now, As It Ought To Be will live on as As It Ought To Be Magazine. All of the content from our previous site will be imported and can be viewed on the new site. The old site,, will become our archive site (under the free blog furnished by WordPress, but at some point, old links may cease to work. If you have contributed to AIOTB in the past or have favorite articles you need help finding on the new site, feel free to ask for assistance.

We thank you for supporting As It Ought To Be and we hope we can count on your continued readership as we go through this transition to becoming As It Ought To Be Magazine. If you have any questions about the transition feel free to contact us at

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1 Response to Announcing the New As It Ought To Be Magazine

  1. Wishing you all the best for the changeover and what’s to come! Thanks for the consistently good reading, and my sincere apologies for not being more responsive. A goal of mine to be more active in reviews and support of other writers, something Olka was very enthusiastic about.

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