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THE CONFESSIONS OF FOFI LITTLEPANTS PART VIII by Fofi Littlepants VIII. PENISES One strange theme that manifested during our journey was that of penises. Yes, that part of the male genitalia. This was not because we were getting lots of … Continue reading

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Sunday Poetry Series Presents: Mark Smith-Soto

PRESIDENT IN MY HEART by Mark Smith-Soto —”Just wait, I’ll show you,” he cried, and struck out at them unmercifully.  When he stopped and counted, no less than seven flies lay dead with their legs in the air. He couldn’t … Continue reading

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POEM IV From the collection “Twenty-One Love Poems” (1978) by Adrienne Rich IV I come home from you through the early light of Spring flashing off ordinary walls, the Pez Dorado, the Discount Wares, the shoe-store…I’m lugging my sack of … Continue reading

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AS REMEMBERED by Tsering Wangmo Dhompa I am only beginning to understand how seasons affect me. Winter. Snow beating street people into obedience. How mothers held back from stepping out in discreetly ornamented shoes and thin nylon socks. This is … Continue reading

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THE ART OF NOISES by Luigi Russolo Dear Balilla Pratella, great Futurist composer, In Rome, in the Costanzi Theatre, packed to capacity, while I was listening to the orchestral performance of your overwhelming Futurist music, with my Futurist friends, Marinetti, … Continue reading

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A LETTER TO G.S. FRASER by Veronica Forrest-Thomson 14, Searle Street, Cambridge 19/8/74 Dear George, Thank you for your long and helpful letter. I don’t know about Reading yet and am meanwhile starting to apply to schools and thinking of … Continue reading

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Roman coin depicting Janus, the god of doors and beginnings. TIME EXCHANGES: SHARE YOUR LIFE ENERGY by Mira Luna Time exchanges have been around for over a 100 years, presumably much longer in various forms, many undocumented. During the last … Continue reading

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