Literary Reviews


“Sails” (1911) By Arthur Dove


Stephen Furlong reviews Daniel Crocker’s Shit House Rat

Eric Kroczek reviews John Guzlowski’s Echoes of Tattered Tongues 

Assena Fairuz reviews Lise Pearlman’s American Justice on Trial: People v. Newton



Christopher Nelms reviews Mike Kleine’s Kanley Stubrick

Nate Ragolia reviews  Jordan Rothacker’s And Wind Will Wash Away

Jennifer Dane Clements reviews Mary McMyne’s Wolf Skin

J. Andrew Goodman reviews Rochelle Hurt’s The Rusted City

Nate Ragolia reviews Agustin Aguilar’s Leonora Come Down



Melissa Ximena Golebiowski reviews Jordan A. Rothacker’s The Pit, And No Other Stories

Karen Skolfield reviews Sarah Marcus’s Backcountry

Jody Hobbs Hesler reviews Len Joy’s American Past Time

Okla Elliott reviews The Complete Poems of James Dickey



Kate Grisim reviews Simi Linton’s My Body Politic

Angie Mazakis reviews Carrie Oeding’s Our List of Solutions

Tini Howard reviews Kieron Gillen’s The Wicked + The Divine

Sarah Marcus reviews Leah Umansky’s Don Dreams and I Dream

J. Andrew Goodman reviews Mike James’s Elegy in Reverse

Jennifer Dane Clements reviews Konstantinos Matsoukas’s translation of Lena Divani’s Seven Lives and One Great Love: Memoirs of a Cat (Europa Editions, 2014)

Will J Fawley reviews Brenda Hasiuk’s Your Constant Star (Orca Book Publishers, 2014)

Ashley Paul reviews Jade Sylvan’s Kissing Oscar Wilde (Write Bloody Publishing, 2013)

Jennifer Dane Clements reviews Catherine Pierce’s The Girls of Peculiar (Saturnalia Books, 2012)

J. Andrew Goodman reviews Bushra Rehman’s Corona (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2013)

Jennifer Dane Clements reviews Heather Cousins’s Something in the Potato Room (Kore Press, 2009)

Jeff Moscaritolo reviews Molly Beth Griffin’s Silhouette of a Sparrow (Milkweed Editions, 2012)

Randon Billings Noble reviews Eva Saulitis’s Leaving Resurrection: Chronicles of a Whale Scientist (Boreal Books, 2008)

Karen Craigo reviews Seth Brady Tucker’s Mormon Boy (Elixir Press, 2012)

Kirsten Clodfelter reviews Rachael Lyon’s The Normal Heart and How it Works (White Eagle Coffee Store Press, 2010)



Jennifer Dane Clements reviews Patrick Lawler’s Rescuers of Skydivers Search Among the Clouds (University of Alabama Press, 2012)

Susan Hankla reviews Kathryn Levy’s Reports (New Rivers Press, 2013)

Tini Howard reviews Matt Fraction’s Sex Criminals (Image Comics, 2013)

Kirsten Clodfelter reviews John Rybicki’s When All the World is Old (Lookout Books, 2012)

J. Andrew Goodman reviews Ian Haight’s and T’ae-Yŏng Hŏ’s translation of Magnolia & Lotus: Selected Poems of Hyesim (White Pine Press, 2012)

Christopher Lowe reviews Delaney Nolan’s Shotgun Style: A Diagram of the Territory of New Orleans (RopeWalk Press, 2012)


Favorites from our Archives

The Possible is Monstrous, a book review by Okla Elliott

Tragedy in Haymarket Square by Thomas Baughman

Book Review of Liam MacSheoinin’s GEORGE W. BUSH BUYS COKE IN MID-ETERNITY by Duff Brenna

Agrarian Socialism In Oklahoma: The Early Twentieth Century by Thomas Baughman

ART REVIEW by Matt Gonzalez

An Uneasy Revelry: a review of Before Saying Any of the Great Words by Okla Elliott

Frozen on a Street Corner While the Unbludgeoned World Moves Forward: Movie Review by Raul Clement

French Connection: Book Review by Raul Clement

Drinking with British Architects: Poetry Review by Raul Clement

Ray DeCapite (1924-2009): Author Review by Thomas Baughman

Looking Beyond the Surfaces in David Lipsky’s Although of Course You End up Becoming Yourself… (Not-Really)Book Review by Raul Clement

The Cognitive Turn in Theory and Cultural Studies: A Review of Patrick Colm Hogan’s Understanding Nationalism by Okla Elliott

“Close to Home”: Film Commentary by Karim Abuawad

Book Review of David R. Slavitt’s Re Verse by Okla Elliott

A Movie That’s “About Something,” or Why “Creation” Isn’t a Great Movie, But You Should See It Anyway by John Unger Zussman

I-5, GOLDEN STATE GULAG: Book Review by Matthew Hirsch

LOOKING AT THEOPHILUS BROWN: Art Review by Esteban Ortega Brown

Practical Food for a Practical Future: A Review of Michael M. Bell’s “Farming For Us All.” by Liam Hysjulien

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