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Medusa Song

Medusa Song  by Mary Akers She scrambles the eggs while the baby howls at her knees. To drown out the racket, she hums as she jabs her fork into the yolks. She enjoys the way they spill their yellow color … Continue reading

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Open-Air Cinema in Heliopolis

Open-Air Cinema in Heliopolis by Hedy Habra You used to say, mother: “Let me see your face when lit by a crescent moon: every day of the month will smile the way you do.” We saw double-feature movies in open-air … Continue reading

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Ten-Year Stare

Ten-Year Stare by Steve Mitchell It was a look I seen and I seen it true. Then I forgot it til I seen it again then I remembered it. All of it. Every minute in the between and that one … Continue reading

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Her Body Desires the Instrument

Her Body Desires the Instrument by Clare L. Martin She elongates herself; presses the instrument against her body, as in the dream that comes to her and comes to her— The old guitar crumbles. Strings fall in tonal disarray. The … Continue reading

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Sex In Siberia

Sex In Siberia by Meg Pokrass My imaginary man lives in Siberia. We touch down on each other like  helicopters. I smile, move my mouth around him—offer a warming hut, a place to explode.  When he bursts, storm clouds open. … Continue reading

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American Cliché

American Cliché by Seth Michelson His body skinny but for the horns of cancer bulging from his chest like thorns jutting from the trunk of this older man, a lifelong rose- lover. So he waters and whispers to them each … Continue reading

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Book Review of Curtis Smith’s BAD MONKEY

Spending/Reading Politically: Curtis Smith’s Bad Monkey by Raul Clement Historically speaking, I don’t read much work from small presses and journals.  I am well aware of the arguments against this: 1) as an aspiring professional, I should support the industry … Continue reading

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