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A retired IBM systems programmer, I live in New York's Mid-Hudson Valley, not too far north of New York City. I began my professional life as an economist for the US Department of Labor, then joined IBM in 1982 after Reagan slashed the programs I helped to oversee. I am a self-described "conserving radical", a decentralist and localist at heart. (Perhaps the term Norman Mailer used to refer to himself - "a left conservative" - might do.) My favorite thinkers and writers include Isaiah Berlin, the British philosopher and historian of ideas; R.H. Tawney, the British historian and socialist, and Wendell Berry, American regionalist. I have been told I am curmudgeonly. Smiling, I sometimes agree.

PLACE by John Dunn

Kansas City is a vast inland city, and its marvelous river, the Missouri, heats the senses; the maple, alder, elm and cherry trees with which the town abounds are songs of desire, and only the almonds of ancient Palestine can … Continue reading

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Piloting the retired and restored New York City fireboat JOHN J. HARVEY back to its berth, at first Bob brings it in at a right angle to the dock, then signals the engine room to slow it down. He brings … Continue reading

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The book of things that I have forgotten contains most of my life. But then, what would we do without forgetfulness? I feel like there is hardly room for everything I do recall. Sven Birkerts, my sky blue trades It … Continue reading

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USELESS BUT VALUABLE by John Dunn It began with an email from an old friend, now living in Sweden. He is in his later 60’s and reported that one of his kidneys had quit working and the other was down … Continue reading

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