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In Using My Voice and Social Media Platforms More Effectively (step two)

In Using My Voice and Social Media Platforms More Effectively (step two) by Perry Janes *A version of this originally appeared as a post on the author’s Facebook page. It’s reprinted here with permission.   There are people on my newsfeed … Continue reading

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What Would Stephanie Say?

Editor’s Note: The What Would I Say app is turning all of us into weird, self-involved robot poets. Stephanie Goehring shares some thoughts on this social media phenomenon and an in-progress poem composed entirely of her own What Would I … Continue reading

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Fakecrack Nation

Fakecrack Nation by Billee Sharp I’m not going to apologize for revisiting Facebook in my ruminations this time around. Why should I? Every week there are a slew of articles published  which touch on the social networking phenomenon, I read … Continue reading

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Loving the Cyborg and the Mushroom

Two things:  Terence Mckenna’s insistence on the human desire to “shed the monkey body”  always scared me and then paradoxically  the cybernetically enhanced Borg of  Star Trek always seemed rather sexy. Early one morning as I trawled fakecrack I found … Continue reading

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FAKECRACK, MICE, MATHBOOKS & MILLER by Billee Sharp Fakecrack. That’s my favorite nick-name for Facebook, although Wastebook, Facedrama and Hatebook also get  some play. I’m disparaging about Zuckerberg’s social network mostly because it killed Ravedrama, a harmless little blog that … Continue reading

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