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The Typewriter

The Typewriter By John Unger Zussman A year after I’d lost him, I taught myself to touch-type. I relished our old Royal, his old Royal. I loved how the keys plunked and the typebars clattered, how the letters appeared neatly … Continue reading

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Tiger Moth

[This story was originally published in The Chaffey Review in May of 2009.  It is reprinted here with minimal editorial changes.] Tiger Moth by Raul Clement For a long time after the boy’s death, the father sat in the darkened … Continue reading

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On Turning Thirty, by Raul Clement

  “It’s impossible for a man to waste any time before thirty-five…” – James Michener, The Drifters “What you don’t do before thirty, you’ll never do.” – John Updike, from…?   I. The Pixar film Up presents itself as for … Continue reading

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