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Remembering the Great Flood in the Frozen Food Aisle

  Remembering the Great Flood in the Frozen Food Aisle By Ronnie Sirmans   REMEMBERING THE GREAT FLOOD IN THE FROZEN FOOD AISLE 0 g. Zero grams: No trans fats, according to the big numeral and letter on the label. … Continue reading

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. Eve By Sister Lou Ella Hickman   eve was the original survivor story evicted from her plush garden palace which meant she had to start over this time she would discover how much life isn’t fair when she lost … Continue reading

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What Would Jesus Say?

. What Would Jesus Say? By Robert Boucheron  . There is a gap of thirty years or more from the death of Jesus in about 30 A. D. to the writing of Mark, the earliest gospel, after 60 A. D. … Continue reading

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