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“Secularism and Compartmentalization” by Kenneth Nichols

Secularism and Compartmentalization by Kenneth Nichols Nearly twenty years ago, my loving father spent some of his evenings coaching my T-ball team in the fields behind Reynolds Elementary. Early in his tenure, he knelt and told me that I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Rick Perlstein’s Nixonland, reviewed by Eric Kroczek

    The most remarkable thing about Rick Perlstein’s Nixonland is that it was published four and a half years ago, before Barack Obama was elected president, before the Tea Party, before Occupy. Otherwise you might be forgiven for thinking … Continue reading

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México: el país de no pasa nada

Seis años atrás, Ismael Hernandez Deraz aspiró a la gobernatura de Durango con la promesa de que llevaría al Estado hacía el progreso, haciéndose llamar “EL” como adjetivo característico del cambio que denotaría un antes y un después en la … Continue reading

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Health Care Reform

Eight Single Payer activists were arrested in May for attempting to tell the truth about health care reform at the Senate Finance Committee meeting. Corporate Dems, “Single Payer” Health Care, and Two Party System Failure–All Made Real Simple –Kara Allison … Continue reading

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THE UNDIVIDING LINE BETWEEN LITERARY AND POLITICAL by Okla Elliott It has been said that poetry feeds no one, and no doubt, I have felt occasionally that reading or writing literature is merely an indulgence, one many people cannot afford. … Continue reading

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