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Rick Perlstein’s Nixonland, reviewed by Eric Kroczek

The most remarkable thing about Rick Perlstein’s Nixonland is that it was published four and a half years ago, before Barack Obama was elected president, before the Tea Party, before Occupy. Otherwise you might be forgiven for thinking that Perlstein … Continue reading

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Occupy Spaceship Earth or… Downton Abbey?

Here we are, racing through the first quarter of 2012, a year heaving with portents, some good, some bad, some questionable and crazed. We’re seeing alignments of heavenly bodies  which haven’t occurred in donkeys’ years and the crumbly end of … Continue reading

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How Did We Get Here? Politics in the Age of the Koch Brothers and #OWS

Here’s a video shot at the University of California-Davis. It shows Lt. John Pike of the UC-Davis police sauntering up to students associated with the Occupy movement and pepper spraying them, before backing slowly away in a heavily armed phalanx … Continue reading

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The Occupy Wall Street movement is one of the most significant developments on the American left to have emerged in years. An important victory has been won by the fact that the movement has already shifted American public discourse to … Continue reading

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Video Reportage from the Wall Street Occupation

______ M. E. “Spike” Allen is a filmmaker living in NYC. She has covered crime, politics, and fashion for Time magazine and The Village Voice. Contact: mallenorg@aol.com

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