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Constitutionality of Recent SCOTUS Decisions — DOMA and Voting Rights

Constitutionality of Recent SCOTUS Decisions — DOMA and Voting Rights by Matthew Nelson The Supreme Court has been getting a lot of attention lately. With the deluge of end-of-term decisions over, it seems everyone is taking turns surveying the damage. But … Continue reading

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Incomplete Thoughts on Wisconsin and Political Enthusiasm

Incomplete Thoughts on Wisconsin and Political Enthusiasm by Okla Elliott (with photos by Jenna Bowen) “In Kant’s philosophy of history, crisis or tension is necessary for human progress. He is pessimistic about individual success[es] but confident about mankind.” —Sidney Axinn, … Continue reading

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Health Care Reform

Eight Single Payer activists were arrested in May for attempting to tell the truth about health care reform at the Senate Finance Committee meeting. Corporate Dems, “Single Payer” Health Care, and Two Party System Failure–All Made Real Simple –Kara Allison … Continue reading

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