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By Michael Young: Okla Elliott died in his sleep last night. I still haven’t fully comprehended this reality. His absence hasn’t filled the days to make me believe it. But the news is everywhere echoed through FB. There are a … Continue reading

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Things to Worry About

Things to Worry About by Norah Buckley Vawter Dear Mothers, Things to worry about: Worry about the planet. Worry about your children’s welfare. Worry about your family and friends. Worry about not wasting your life. Worry about kindness and love. … Continue reading

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When Your Student Dies During the Semester

Morning Glories Sensing Noon Or: When Your Student Dies During the Semester By Angie Mazakis Before class, already you know that you are going to teach how the complications of humor and death in this story—the writer’s careful balance of … Continue reading

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A Review of John Rybicki’s When All the World is Old 

A Review of John Rybicki’s When All the World is Old By Kirsten Clodfelter John Rybicki opens each section of When All the World is Old, his third poetry collection, with excerpts from journal entries written by his late wife, … Continue reading

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