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An Epidemic of Overtreatment

An Epidemic of Overtreatment By John Unger Zussman Last month, I previewed Roger Weisberg’s new documentary about medical overtreatment, Money and Medicine, which premiered on PBS on September 25. You can view the film in full on its PBS website. … Continue reading

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The End of Bipartisanship

The End of Bipartisanship If you listen to the Republican talking heads on cable news, bipartisanship just died. But the end of bipartisanship wasn’t last Sunday, or last week, or last month, or even last year. It was in 1991. … Continue reading

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Health Care Reform

Eight Single Payer activists were arrested in May for attempting to tell the truth about health care reform at the Senate Finance Committee meeting. Corporate Dems, “Single Payer” Health Care, and Two Party System Failure–All Made Real Simple –Kara Allison … Continue reading

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