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Mull to Ulva

  Mull to Ulva By Tobi Alfier   Mull to Ulva Because the distance from land-shore to island is a fingersnap in the constant of all time. Because the tides bless fishermen and landlocked alike, full creels the harvest here, … Continue reading

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The Ferry Captain

  The Ferry Captain By Jeffrey Alfier   The Ferry Captain He is the hull, diesel and waterline that mark him, ligature of fists on the wheel. He is bow wave and sting of spindrift, inlets sprawled with waterfowl, tidewrack, … Continue reading

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Springmaid Pier

  Springmaid Pier By Jonathan K. Rice   Springmaid Pier Cigarettes glow orange on cheeks of patient ruddy faces. The odor of strip bait and shrimp fills the air. Tackle boxes, buckets and coolers line weathered planks. Lights on fishing boats … Continue reading

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. Eve By Sister Lou Ella Hickman   eve was the original survivor story evicted from her plush garden palace which meant she had to start over this time she would discover how much life isn’t fair when she lost … Continue reading

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– Wildfire By Ruth Bavetta   Wildfire Moon dismantled, sun a red disk, reflecting sea a rusty mudflat, hot wind hollowing canyons, hills littered with dust, ash, soot, chaparral, squirrels, palm trees, shingles, Chevrolets, dictionaries, wedding dress, quilt stitched by … Continue reading

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Five Hundred Channels and Nothing On

– Five Hundred Channels and Nothing On By Kevin Ridgeway   Five Hundred Channels and Nothing On After Letterman signed off and the cartoon Peacock serenaded us with its three tone sign-off warning me to avert my eyes of the artificial bars … Continue reading

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Paramnesia 2

Paramnesia 2 By Tim Peeler   Paramnesia 2 The deluge of nighttime dog barks Pauses for the after storm gutter drip. There was a game, he says, can’t Remember if it was 47 or 8, but we had A two … Continue reading

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The Pop-Up Halloween Store

  The Pop Up Halloween Store By Chase Dimock   The Pop-Up Halloween Store is the zombie corpse of a long dead retail outlet rising from the grave. Beneath the orange banner looms the faint spectral glow of a Borders … Continue reading

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Women Who Love Men Like Ours 

Women Who Love Men Like Ours By Rebecca Schumejda   (Editor’s Note: This is the second of a two part series of poems on incarceration by Rebecca Schumejda. You can read the first one here.) Before my brother’s incarceration, I held many … Continue reading

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Earth, Air And Lynda Carter

  Earth, Air And Lynda Carter By Margaret Crocker   Earth, Air And Lynda Carter I first remember flying. Flying with the ceiling’s 70’s popcorn textures at my cheek. I could touch it if I’d only stretched out my hand. … Continue reading

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