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KENT STATE — 40 YEARS LATER by Jim Dorenkott May 4th 1970 I am sitting in my classroom  at college after getting out of the Navy. Students come running in up to my desk and almost whisper: “They just shot … Continue reading

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Honduran President Manuel Zelaya speaking to supporters from his place of forced exile at the Brazilian embassy. TAKING REFUGE IN THE BRAZILIAN EMBASSY by Jim Dorenkott Honduras continues its decline in the jaws of a coup which now passes its … Continue reading

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Close-up of Stela H at Copan in Honduras, depicting the Mayan ruler Uaxaclajuun Ub’aah K’awiil (18 Rabbit). Flickr photograph by Youngrobv. THE LIES ABOUT HONDURAS WE BELIEVED by Jim Dorenkott President Zelaya was ousted in a coup in the early … Continue reading

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NADER-GONZALEZ WOULD NEVER DITCH VAN JONES by Jim Dorenkott Obama has caved to the right wing talk show fanatics. He has allowed them to define what a “truther” is. Van Jones is one of the few both extraordinarily gifted and … Continue reading

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