A Rereading of the “Most demanding 1st birthday invite ever”

Credit: Timothy Morgan, Flickr

Credit: Timothy Morgan, Flickr

A Rereading of the

“Most demanding 1st birthday invite ever”

by Anoosh Jorjorian

This letter has been making the rounds on social media as fodder for mockery:

Credit: Imgur

I have an alternate reading:

Dear family,

We know we should be grateful that you are constantly showering our child with excessive gifts, but on the other hand, he has 25 books that he can’t even use yet when what we really need is formula. We’d think you’d agree that our child needs food more than another chewing toy in the form of a book, but so far we haven’t been able to convince you.

We’ve tried on several occasions to get you to buy us some much-needed basics, or toys that will usefully occupy my child while I try to take a fucking shower, instead of another book to add to his collection of 57 (more books than weeks hes been alive!) or an outfit bedazzled with our child’s name on it. But since nothing so far has worked, we’re just going to tell you very specifically what to buy and try to discourage you in the strongest possible terms from getting us more useless shit.

Please let us know if you are not getting these gifts, because we actually needed them yesterday when I was pooping alone in the bathroom for like 5 minutes but my child decided he needed me RIGHT NOW and he was pounding on the door while both of us cried. We have discovered from experience that he likes other kids’ play tunnels and tents, and we will totally buy them if we have to. Then he will play with the toys that we bought that we know he likes instead of whatever inappropriate crazy thing you buy.

Do NOT get us personalized gifts, because then we can’t take them to the consignment store when our child outgrows them in 3 months and exchange them for clothes that we need. Since you are generally impervious to our rational explanations, here’s a totally scary bullshit reason to get you to stahp, just stahp.

He doesn’t even like books yet! Credit: Anoosh Jorjorian

For this reason, we are asking for modestly priced gifts from bargain stores. Some parents ask for gifts from Pottery Barn Kids and try to milk their relatives. That’s not how we roll. Please keep the awesome tech stuff until he is much older. Have we mentioned that the costs of raising a child have made us very sensitive about wasting money? Our child is not yet reading, but we’re already stressed about how we are going to afford college. (Somehow, our suggestions to start a college fund as a gift have fallen on deaf ears.)

I’m so tired all the time because our kid is having night terrors, and I would love to take a nap instead of running to another store to return another fucking thing that we already have.

A formal invitation to the birthday party made of paper and hand-addressed and stamped and everything is coming because we know that shit is important to you and you interpret an Evite to mean that we think you are lower than slime, when really we are just overwhelmed parents trying to plan a birthday party that will include a lot of overbearing, easily butthurt relatives.

Not signing “love” because we’re too exhausted, frustrated, and not feelin’ it right now,
_____________ & ______________

Additional thoughts:

The family member who posted this to Teh Internetz is a total dick catheter.

Enough with shaming parents already. Raising kids is hard. Mocking people who do it is easy. Maybe offer babysitting or a gift card to Target and STFU. Or even just STFU.

*This piece original appeared at aranamama.com and is reprinted here with permission of the author. 

Anoosh Jorjorian writes on the politics of parenting. Her work has been published at Salon, Time.com, the Huffington Post, and Black Girl Dangerous. Follow her on Twitter @aranamama.

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3 Responses to A Rereading of the “Most demanding 1st birthday invite ever”

  1. babylossmama says:

    I still think these parents could have solved many woes by simply writing “No gifts please! We simply don’t have the space. Your presence is enough!” on the actual invites… unless their family would think they were joking.

    • NikkiW says:

      I tried that once. We said no gifts and said if they wanted to give something we’d be collecting donations for a Cancer charity (something that has deeply affected both sides of our family). We got a few donations and a ton of gifts.

  2. swanny says:

    A few clicks – it wasn’t a family member who posted it. It was an (older, female) relative who printed it out for her office-mates to laugh at. Then one of them (male, wears jerseys, is AMPED) posted it to reddit for the whole world to mock.

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