Of the death of my hair

I have a devoted lisp

faux forgettables to fade the stragglers

& concoct one with the other

for more of a Pac reservoir

exiled surroundings

with a minor plea for secrecy

I’m leaning towards a new astronomy

dream copies to peep the future

& mark them off as calculated weeks

for a kind of luck that perpetuates

more writing less survival

enough with these familiar voices

fusing about the terrace

this vista requires faster cutting

as in “fools who rush into the scene

get rushed back out”

or how I learned to mix the languages

& do it in code

because you called I’m here

because I haven’t a phone I’m here

let us start over & wake

rifles like we used to.

“Notes from the Chemical Outpost” is printed here today with permission from the poet.

Micah Ballard was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Selected books include: Negative Capability in the Verse of John Wieners, Bettina Coffin, Evangeline Downs, Parish Krewes, New Poems from the Winter Palace, and the collaborations Death Race V.S.O.P. and Easy Eden. From 2000-07 he directed the Humanities Program at New College of California and currently works for the MFA in Writing Program at University of San Francisco. He is co-editor for Auguste Press and Lew Gallery Editions.

Editor’s Note: Micah will be reading next Thursday, May 26 at a.Muse Gallery in San Francisco. Don’t miss it!

Want to read more by and about Micah Ballard?
Micah Ballard

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  1. Sivan Butler-Rotholz says:

    Lovely little moments mixed in as if ingredients being layered one into the other in a mixer. I am reminded of a cake, in which I think, “ooh, fresh butter!” and “mmm, molten chocolate,” when hearing the ingredients listed. The moments I adore? “I’m leaning towards a new astronomy” and “because you called I’m here.”

    Also, it’s not every day you see a poet’s name and face and think, “I know him from somewhere…” I had an informational interview with Micah when I was considering the MFA program at the University of San Francisco, and then we met again at a party at which you were the hostess!

  2. Lezlie says:

    Mmmmm..cake. I was wondering if you knew him!

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