by David Jewell

daydream delusion

limousine eyelash

oh baby with your pretty face

drop a tear in my wineglass

look at those big eyes on your face

see what you mean to me

sweet cakes and milk-shakes

I’m a delusion angel

I’m a fantasy parade

I want you to know what I think

don’t want you to guess anymore

you have no idea where I came from

we have no idea where we’re going

lodged in life like branches in a river

flowing downstream

caught in the current

I’ll carry you you carry me

that’s how it could be

don’t you know me

don’t you know me by now…

(“Delusion Angel” appeared in Richard Linklater’s 1995 film, Before Sunrise.)

David Jewell is an American poet, photographer, and performance artist. The artist in his own words: “Sometimes I feel like a writer, or an artist, or a photographer, or a performer, or a weirdo, or a coffee drinker, or a shoe wearer, or a sleeper, or a car driver; and a lot of the time I just feel sort of either very confused or maybe in awe––I like the awe––not so fond of the confusion, in general, except it can lead to interesting things too sometimes.”

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David Jewell

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  1. Sivan Butler-Rotholz says:

    His bio is pretty hilarious. The poem itself reads more like song lyrics to me than anything else, which, as you know from an ongoing discussion here at AIOTB, is well within the realm of poetry in my book. Interesting the poem was in that film; love the picture you chose from the film, btw.

  2. Sivan Butler-Rotholz says:

    I have and I loved it!!!

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