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Rumynations: Syria in Contention

By Alejandro Moreiras Ashams, the area called Suriya by the Byzantines, was conquered by the Arabs in the mid-seventh century, much of the fighting being over by 650. It was an ancient land, a land of plenty. The Arabs had … Continue reading

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YOUR LIFE OR HERS by Norma Liliana Valdez (“Your Life Or Hers” was originally published in The Acentos Review and is reprinted here today with permission from the poet.)

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THE ENDING IS IN THE BEGINNING by Todd Boss of this first movement of Suite No. 3 in C major for solo cello by Bach. It’s lovely and sad, how it knows itself, knows its own closing as it opens. … Continue reading

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Andreas Economakis

“Exodus” by Andreas Economakis 3:30 p.m. Los Angeles, California. Five months after 9/11. I’m sitting in the passenger seat of Clive’s dented, dirt-brown Cherokee, staring out the window. The West Hollywood scenery streams past me in colorful, repetitive bursts. White … Continue reading

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Socialism or Barbarism in Egypt and Beyond: An Open Question

also republished as “Revolution in Egypt?  What Revolution?” on Pambazuka on 16 February, 2011 and on Pambazuka summarized my argument as follows: Whether Egypt’s association with US-backed capitalism has been disrupted is a question that factory workers might yet … Continue reading

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FALL INTO PLACE by Sarah Law You love the way my hair falls over your bones, your prone body, how I choose to cover you with words so close to your own. From here I can’t imagine why we ever … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction Series: David Bowen

One More Banana by David Bowen   Cheetah’s sister, Marie, chose a banana from the kitchen table, where Tarzan had thrown the day’s take. He fell into his easy chair with a growl and a wave of his hand. Marie … Continue reading

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