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(from a public schools parent) by Sue Peters Dear Bill, I am a public schools parent in your own general neighborhood (Seattle). I realize you have an interest in public education, and are a major participant and funder in the … Continue reading

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Andreas Economakis

That Whirring Noise by Andreas Economakis “I’m trying to figure out where that high-pitched noise is coming from,” I say in Greek, tired eyes scanning over her shoulders. “What noise?” she asks, innocently. Her eyes circle over my head, like … Continue reading

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Duopoly Must Go: An Appeal for Score Voting

by Andrew Jennings, Clay Shentrup, Warren D. Smith Progressive thinkers on all sides of the political spectrum often wonder why the United States seems incapable of escaping a two-party political system. Is it a result of an extreme demographic situation, … Continue reading

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Ray DeCapite (1924-2009)

RAY DECAPITE (1924-2009) by Thomas Baughman One of my favorite authors is Cleveland novelist Ray DeCapite, a writer who devoted his entire life to writing fiction that took place on the very streets where he was born and raised. More … Continue reading

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ALL THE WHISKEY IN HEAVEN by Charles Bernstein Not for all the whiskey in heaven Not for all the flies in Vermont Not for all the tears in the basement Not for a million trips to Mars Not if you … Continue reading

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  Meeting an Astronomer on the Buddha’s Birthday by Diane Wakoski   Vanity guards us from introspection. What guards us from vanity? To think of ourselves like the moon, dead and beautiful, and of an origin no one can be … Continue reading

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The Chalice and the Burger

Adela and I were calling it a road trip, mainly because it made driving three hundred miles down through Central Valley in a car without air conditioning seem much more glamorous. “Like Thelma and Louise,” my fellow pseudo-American mom enthused. … Continue reading

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