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SONG OF THE BARREN ORANGE TREE by Federico Garcia Lorca Woodcutter. Cut my shadow from me. Free me from the torment of seeing myself without fruit. Why was I born among mirrors? The day walks in circles around me, and … Continue reading

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8 COUNT by Charles Bukowski from my bed I watch 3 birds on a telephone wire. one flies off. then another. one is left, then it too is gone. my typewriter is tombstone still. and I am reduced to bird … Continue reading

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A Hidden Wholeness: Thomas Merton and Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Hidden Wholeness: Thomas Merton and Martin Luther King, Jr. by Albert J. Raboteau At the time of his assassination, plans were underway for Martin Luther King, Jr., to make a retreat with Thomas Merton at Our Lady of Gethsemani … Continue reading

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King Mob

“For me Malc was always entertaining, and I hope you remember that. Above all else he was an entertainer and I will miss him, and so should you.” Johnny Rotten, April 2010 I was sad to hear that Malcolm Maclaren … Continue reading

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INTERNATIONAL PARTY TURTLES by Andreas Economakis September 3rd, 2005.  A small mosquito bite hotel near Kalamaki Beach, Zakynthos. I am awakened by beer-soaked karaoke screams and the sound of flip-flops flip-flopping somewhere outside my room.  The lyrics “I want to … Continue reading

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Okla Elliott Interviews Christopher Higgs (and Marvin K. Mooney)

I first met Christopher Higgs at Ohio State University’s MFA program, where we both studied, and where we became friends. I often say that the history of literature is a history of friendships — but friendships are as much about … Continue reading

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Selection from HELEN IN EGYPT by H.D. Did her eyes slant in the old way? was she Greek or Egyptian? had some Phoenician sailor wrought her? was she oak-wood or cedar? had she been cut from an awkward block of … Continue reading

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CRYSTAL by Paul Celan not on my lips look for your mouth, not in front of the gate for the stranger, not in the eye for the tear. seven nights higher red makes for red, seven hearts deeper the hand … Continue reading

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George Leonard 1923-2010

A Tribute By Gordon Wheeler The Big Sur coastline and the Esalen Institute – “a center for alternative education, a forum for transformational practices, a restorative retreat, a worldwide community of seekers” – have always been magically intertwined in my … Continue reading

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One side or two?

ONE SIDE OR TWO? by Billee Sharp On Friday night Pixieman and I drove down to the Ferry Building to pick up a friend I hadn’t seen for twenty years and he’d never met. As the Amtrak link bus barreled … Continue reading

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