by L.S. Klatt

I found an octopus in the snow

And not knowing what it was or why it was there, I gutted it
as if a hunter

To me, up to my elbows in bladder, the ink was a surprise

I wore it like opera gloves in the moonlight

So many mistook my passion for gangrene

One followed me into an orchestra pit. If I could only say now
what my arms said

I took up a bassoon & aimed it at a chandelier

As the house lights came down, the audience lost their places

They were swimming in a maelstrom of inklings

L.S. Klatt teaches creative writing and American literature at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His first poetry collection, Interloper, won the 2008 Juniper Prize and was recently published by the University of Massachusetts Press. New poems of his have appeared or will appear in the Boston Review, Jubilat, and Eleven Eleven.

Want to read more by and about L.S. Klatt?
Boston Review

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