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THE CONFESSIONS OF FOFI LITTLEPANTS PART II by Fofi Littlepants II. HITCHHIKING Hitchhiking, like trainhopping, is an activity that was intertwined with romantic images of independence and adventure in the Beat era and the 60’s, but has since hit upon … Continue reading

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Three Poems by Jürgen Becker translated by Okla Elliott Jürgen Becker was born in Köln, Germany, in 1932. He is the author of over thirty books—novels, story collections, poetry collections, and plays—all published by Germany’s premier publisher, Suhrkamp. He has … Continue reading

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STATION by Sharon Olds Coming in off the dock after writing, I approached the house, and saw your long grandee face in the light of a lamp with a parchment shade the color of flame. An elegant hand on your … Continue reading

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ROME by Beth Mattson The US is totally just like ancient Rome. The perfect analogy. The participatory democracy, The classic over-extension, The silly dress code. And do you remember when Rome fell, To the walking-dead, Flesh-eating, Tooth-gnashing zombies? We could … Continue reading

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MEMORIAL by Eve Toliman I grieved so much.  I saw you pale and fearing. That was in dream.  And your soul rang.   All softly my soul sounded with it, and both souls sang themselves: I suffered. Then peace came … Continue reading

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George Orwell passport photograph, c. 1935. A HANGING (1931) by George Orwell It was in Burma, a sodden morning of the rains. A sickly light, like yellow tinfoil, was slanting over the high walls into the jail yard. We were … Continue reading

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Kranky Cartoon by Joseph Rank. “SPOILER THEORY” SPOILS DEMOCRACY by Jeff Rock Progressives are told every election they must vote for the Democrat, regardless of what policies that Democrat supports. We are lectured, we are cajoled and we are scolded … Continue reading

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WAR AND PEACE PRIZES by Howard Zinn The dismaying gift of the Nobel prize puts Barack Obama on the list of its winners who promised peace but prosecuted war I was dismayed when I heard Barack Obama was given the … Continue reading

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THE CONFESSIONS OF FOFI LITTLEPANTS PART I by Fofi Littlepants INTRODUCTION What follows are some reflections from my journey hitchhiking and trainhopping across the United States, from California to New York City. This was accomplished over a period of three … Continue reading

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“Tableau à la Rousseau” by David R. Slavitt

Tableau à la Rousseau by David R. Slavitt That lions like lavender is amiable; for the mane’s tawny to find complement in the green spike with sharp accent of the blossom is not mere whimsy, as delight in catnip would … Continue reading

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