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Peter Camejo, Socialist Workers Party candidate for US President, 1976. REMEMBERING PETER CAMEJO by Matt Gonzalez Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of Peter Camejo’s death. He had been battling cancer (lymphoma) for over a year. It was in remission then … Continue reading

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BLACK ON WHITE: READING FANON AGAINST MAPPLETHORPE by Mishana Hosseinioun What Robert Mapplethorpe plants in pictures, Frantz Fanon engraves in words. Once placed side-by-side, their respective works appear more radically similar in nature than complementary, and it soon becomes impossible … Continue reading

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JOY by Eve Toliman This is what it feels like to be lost: an unnameable sadness; a tender, probing affinity with alienation. Is that an oxymoron — affinity with alienation? I gingerly touch the world around me, searching, affirming, “This … Continue reading

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Van Jones, former White House Council on Environmental Quality’s Special Advisor for Green Jobs. Photograph from College Foundation when Jones worked with the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. IF YOU ARE A PROGRESSIVE, THE RESIGNATION OF VAN JONES SHOULD … Continue reading

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NADER-GONZALEZ WOULD NEVER DITCH VAN JONES by Jim Dorenkott Obama has caved to the right wing talk show fanatics. He has allowed them to define what a “truther” is. Van Jones is one of the few both extraordinarily gifted and … Continue reading

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The “Walking Liberty” half-dollar designed by Adolph Weinman and minted from 1916 to 1947. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE: CHANGING THE ECONOMIC POWER STRUCTURE by Mira Luna “When I gave bread to the poor they called me a saint; but … Continue reading

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Hebron youth. Flickr photo by Marneri. CONVERSATION WITH HAMAS SUPPORTERS by Anna Baltzer While wandering around the Hebron Old City a week ago I met a young boy who told me not to take pictures of his younger siblings. He … Continue reading

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A STANDING OVATION: MY LAI REDUX by George Evans On August 20, 2009, former U.S. Army Lt. William Calley, who ordered the March 16, 1968, My Lai massacre during the U.S. Viet Nam war, ended over 40 years of silence … Continue reading

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ASK LADY ESQ. Relationship advice from a divorce attorney. Dear Lady Esq., My ex doesn’t want to talk to me because it was a very painful break-up. Should I respect her wishes and avoid contact, or try to spark some … Continue reading

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Antonio Gramsci’s fingerprints taken at the time of his November 8, 1926 arrest by Italian fascists. ORGANIC INTELLECTUALS & COUNTER HEGEMONIC THEORETICAL DISCOURSE by Anthony Torres I recently found myself returning to and re-thinking Gramsci’s notion of the role of … Continue reading

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