1. The «Woodstock Nation» has always been a tiny minority. People who expected that tiny minority to turn the world upside down were mistaken. It doesn’t work like that.

    But people who say nothing came out of it all are also mistaken. A lot of the people living today have some part of their life owing to the people who challenged authority in the sixties.

    One way to realize how much is owed is to ask oneself the «What if?» question.

    What if the hippies, the psychedelic era never occured. Where would we be today ? Not pretty in my opinion.

    Left alone, the military would have continued to use their weapons until the whole world is destroyed.

    The ideals we fought for at the time are still there today, but instead of being shared only by a tiny visible minority, those ideals are now shared by millions of people from all walks of life.

    And who knows if one day, in a not so distant future, the «Woodstock Nation» will finally have changed the world and put an end to the war and misery ?

  2. Like George, I spent the Woodstock days in Vietnam in the jungles along the Cambodia/Laos border. I was a poor farm boy, far too shy to join the 60’s movements and totally indoctrinated into God, Country, Patriotism, and Honor. Not long after entering the combat zone, I soon began to realize what the long hairs were talking about. Disillusioned, feeling let down by my church, my country, my community, who had sent me half way around the world to kill some other mother’s sons, I came to admire the hippies for their insight and the courage of their convictions. Many of them targeted the soldiers like me, and that was wrong, but their anger against the war was just. War is far to terrible to be allowed, except as a desperate last resort. I do not think Vietnam met that criteria. It was not even called a war…it was a “police action”. Was I a policeman??? As George states, Vietnam and Woodstock were the ying and yang of our generation.

    I look forward to hearing George’s reflections on those turbulent times. He has a uniquely personal perspective. His thoughts should enlighten us all.

    Peace brother…


  3. Geoff Fox says:

    Sounds just right. When will we ever learn?

  4. Daniel del Solar says:

    I was happy to “see,” via the media, the last helicopter depart for the Saigon US Embassy and have taken as watchwords “peace on Earth or the Earth in pieces.”

    We have to find a way to include more of the reality of war into our education, and thereby not have a citizenry so ready to “play at war” because we have the best toys and it will be easy….

    But the munitions makers and their allies have “political” (and economic) interests to maintain.

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